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How the Association is run


The President, two Vice-Presidents and Members of the Council are all elected annually.  For a list and brief biographies of members of the Council for 2018-2019,  please follow this link.


The Council  is the governing body of the Association and includes an Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary and up to twenty-one other members.  For details of the members of the Council please click here.


The Council appoints an Administration Committee, an Education Committee Professional Standards and an Education Committee CPD each year, and nominates members to a range of other committees.


The Council meets six or seven times a year and each Group/Section is entitled to send a non-voting observer to the meetings. The schedule of Council meetings for 2018/2019 is available here.


The Management Committee deals with finance, membership, and publications. The Committee meets approximately six times a year and its activities are described in the Annual Report. 


Education Committees The role of the two Education Committee – Professional Standards and CPD – is to maintain standards of professional education within Ireland and to work towards the continuing to raise the standards of professional education, in line with best practice internationally. For further information see Education Committee CPD and the Education Committee Professional Standards.


North-South Liaison Committee The Association has strong links with the Chartered Institute of Library and Informaiton Professionals (CILIP) in Ireland and the North-South Liaison Committee, consisting of representatives of both Associations, meets several times a year. The Committee publishes the twice yearly online journal An Leabharlann, and organises the Annual Joint Conference. The Conference is held in Northern Ireland every third year.