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"The LAI provides access to information and support to help develop your career."


"As a solo librarian in a small specialist library LAI membership provides access to a peer network for support, advice, mentorship and other people who understand the many facets of the profession. Peers to reflect with on what our professional skill set is and how it is evolving. With so much misperception outside the profession of what we do a professional organisation can help bring us together to communicate our competencies and potentially advocate for the profession.”


"- Advocacy, a strong voice for Irish libraries

- Leadership and mentoring for new professionals

- CDP opportunities

- Development of organisations at local and regional level

- Platform to communicate with, network and learn from other librarians throughout Ireland and further afield

- Strong Irish Library presence online

- Sharing of latest information and trends (asking for input from members)

- Using "experts" to share information between sectors (i.e. public and university libraries)”


“As a newly qualified librarian membership allows me to connect/engage with other information professionals. CPD and events are also of huge importance to me.”


“For me it is very much about a sense of community, networking, opportunities for collaboration, and (hopefully!) being able to contribute to the future of the profession and achieve more as a group than would ever be possible at an individual level.”


“As the only professional body in Ireland representing librarians/information professionals I feel it is important to be a member - any organisation/association is only as strong as its membership. I agree with all the comments above, the main reason I have become involved in the various sections and groups is for networking, knowledge sharing, professional support - I have made some great friendships and contacts over the years.”


“Connections/networking; Career development (employers look favourably on such engagement); CPD opportunities; Advocacy; Current awareness; Contribute to your chosen profession; Mentoring opportunities (as both mentor and mentee); Peer support; Opportunities to influence the development of our profession and library & information services generally; Access to the international library & information community through EBLIDA and IFLA. “