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Types of Membership


Membership types are laid down in Article 4 of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of Cumann Leabharlann na hÉireann (The Library Association of Ireland)



4. (i) The Association shall be composed of personal members and institutional members.

Categories of Membership:

Personal Members may be:
a) Professional: Persons with professional qualifications, recognised by the Association, who are,or have been employed in the profession of librarianship in Ireland.

b) Para-professional: Persons without a professional library qualification who are or have been employed in the field of librarianship in Ireland.

c) International: Persons employed or engaged in the profession of librarianship outside Ireland.

d) Student: Persons not in employment who are enrolled on a course leading to a professional qualification in library and information studies.

e) Fraternal: Persons with an interest in the work, welfare and progress of libraries, but who are not employed in the field of librarianship in Ireland.

Institutional Members may be such libraries, library schools, corporate bodies, government bodies, institutions or societies as the Council of the Association shall approve.

(ii) Personal members only shall be regarded as members for all purposes with respect to which the rights of members are governed by the Companies Acts 1963-2009 and the names of such members only shall be entered in the Register to be kept in pursuance of Section 116 of the Companies Acts 1963-2009.

(iii) An institutional member shall be entitled to nominate a representative who may attend meetings of the Association, and on behalf of the library, library school, corporate body, institution or society represented, shall enjoy all the privileges of a member, subject to the provision that such representative, unless he is also a personal member of the Association, shall not be eligible for election to the Council, or to the Office of Chairman/Chairwoman or Honorary Officer of any Section or Group within the Association.