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About us

The Library Association of Ireland (LAI) was founded in 1928 as the professional body representing libraries and librarianship in Ireland.



The objectives of the Library Association of Ireland are to promote and develop high standards of librarianship and of library and information services in Ireland, and to secure greater co-operation between libraries… [...more on objectives]



The Library Association of Ireland was founded on 28th October 1928, at an Irish Library Conference held under the auspices of the Library Service Branch of the Irish Local Government Officials’ Union… [...more history]



The Annual General Meeting (AGM), at which the Officers and Council members are elected, and which sets policy for the coming year, is held before the end of March. While generally held in Dublin, the meeting may take place in any part of the country… [...more on events]



Under the Memorandum and Articles of Association, personal membership is open to persons employed in the profession of librarianship (including library assistants) while Associate membership is open to those with an interest in the work, progress and welfare of libraries but who are not employed in the profession… [...more on membership]



The Officers of the Library Association of Ireland (2018/19) include the President, Dr. Philip Cohen, Vice-Presidents Marian Higgins and Cathal McCauley … [...more on the officers]


Committees, Panels and Task Forces and Panels

The Central organisation of the Association consists of a President, two Vice-Presidents and the Council, all elected annually. The various committees include Education, Information Literacy and Communications …………….. [...more on Committees, Panels and Task Forces of the Council]